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mythic theatre 6Publishing & Production, Flagstaff Arizona

Co-production with Handmade Films, beginning with TV Series adaptation of the novel by David Seals, and the 1987 feature film of The Powwow Highway

5 Projects: #1.

handmade films The Powwow Highway


Mythic Theatre {Roswell Theogony}

TV Series in 5 episodes, 90-minutes each; factual account of the UFO incidents at the Roswell Air Base, 1944-147, New Mexico – SCRIPTS


The Prince of Libya

Stage Production – SCRIPTS mythic theatre 4


Lord Strange



Stage & TV production in 4 episodes, 90-minutes each, about the 5th & 6th Earls of Derby as Shakespeare


Abduction at Flagstaff

Stage Production  Roswell wedding


Someday, My Son

Novel-in-progress, TV Series  republican river 5




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Earthy Tales



COP21 has come and gone, and like most others before it, the response has been varied. Some have applauded the Paris Agreement as a giant step for humankind. Some are claiming a big win. Others take a holistic look at the future scenario the agreement presents and are aghast that after two decades of climate negotiations greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise and the Paris Agreement does not indicate any urgency in tackling this fundamental problem even though it does indeed recognise the urgency of the crisis.

The Agreement speaks of a desirability to work towards a temperature increase of 1.5o C while aiming also at a target “well below 2o C.” We wonder how the COP quantifies the difference between 1.5 and “well below” 2 degrees. And which may be greater in this language of diplomats? The Agreement recognises everything that needs to be recognised, including…

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France, Britain, and Italy All Expanding ISIS War Into Libya — News from   Leave a comment

France, Britain, and Italy All Expanding ISIS War Into Libya | Italian PM spurned call to attack Syria to seeks UN approval for Libya

Source: France, Britain, and Italy All Expanding ISIS War Into Libya — News from

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Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim and Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda: where are them? (6 articles + 6 Videos)   Leave a comment


Libyan Free Press

Where are Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim and Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda?

It is from a long time there has been no definite information about Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim, uncle of the former spokesman and Information Minister for the Government of the Libyan Jamahiriya, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim.

It is from a long time there has been no definite information about Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda as well, the former UN ambassador for the Government of the Libyan Jamahiriya.

So, we republish few articles and videos about them, with the links, email address, telephone numbers and information needed to apply pressure at various institutions, in order not to leave alone these two Arab Libyan gentlemen.



Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim

The imprisonment and mistreatment of Libyan citizen Ahmad Ibrahim by NTC forces.

Intellectual Dr Ahmad Ibrahim, author of the best explanation of the concept of `revolutionary organization` in the Third Universal Theory, and former…

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ROSWELL THEOGONY – a Television Docu-Drama about the Origin and Genealogy of the Extraterrestrials   Leave a comment

5 full-length TV episodes about the Roswell UFO incident(s) from 1944-47, as the true story of an Air Force family. Available free at Scribd — gate 1947  RoswellDailyRecordJuly8,1947Roswell wedding

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Masons and their Foundation Secret – based on Herod   Leave a comment

Herod is the secret of the Masons and the Knights Templar.masons herod 2

Herod is the “architectron” (architect, carpenter) who is the Messiah who rebuilt Solomon’s Temple (pictured), thereby fulfilling the prophecies to re-unite Judah and Israel.masons herod Cave of the Patriarchs, in Hebron (pictured), is his only remaining structure still standing, among many famous monuments from Masada to Caesarea Maritima and Caesarea Phillipi, Jericho, etc.

He is therefore the real-life model of the fictional Jesus Christ renamed by Saul of Tarsus in the first epistle of the New Testament, letter to Romans. That is the very first time, according to even conservative Biblical scholars, that the name of Jesus Christ ever appears. Saul was trying to understand the events and deeds of Herod’s extraordinary life, and fashioned it in his christological philosophy of a new religion.

In the early A.D. centuries, the Masons knew this secret, but it was lost and obscured over time – as well as deliberately erased by those who thought Herod and his sons were evil.

Hints of the connection to Herod and Masons are at Rosslyn Chapel and Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland as well: which declares that Rosslyn was originally in 1128 A.D. (C.E. common Era) designed according to Herod’s Temple in Jerusalem. The Knight’s Templar were slaughtered for espousing the sanctity of Herod, who’s long been declared anathema by the Catholic Church. Also, orthodox Bible believers say King Herod Agrippa I founded the Masons in 43 A.D.

There are several other very detailed histories of this on dionoia.

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