Introductory preface to the 10 books of the ‘Herodeia Decalogue’   Leave a comment

Dianoia, as defined by the eminent literary professor Northrup Frye, is: “The meaning of a work of literature, which may be the total pattern of its symbols (literal meaning), its correlation with an external body of propositions or facts (descriptive meaning), its theme, or relation as a form of imagery to a potential commentary (formal meaning), its significance as a literary convention or genre (archetypal meaning), or its relation to total literary experience (anagogic meaning).”

This introductiory preface, or lecture, will present in detail the 10 literary works I’ve been writing for the past 10 or 15 years, as a summary of their complex Dianoia, following the ideal theme of THE GODS and their contemporary, mythical relationship to Man. Some of these books, plays, screenplays, and poems, are published in part on Amazon, but this blogpost will serve as a first draft of explanation of the encyclopedic effort. It will probably also be included in a Screenbook I’m beginning now, which will also serve in a modern way, entertaining, and dramatic, to explain the meaning.


I’ve taken to calling the entire series ‘Herodeia Decalogue’ as an overall subject. The next post will begin the detailed lecture of the Works.


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