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Was just invited by author Francesco Carotta [‘Jesus was Caesar’] to join the profound discussions on DIVUS IULIUS, which I highly recommend for people interested in the facts of the myths originating in Caesar’s Rome that account for the truth of the fictional character Jesus Christ.


Caesar’s funeral: wax effigy on tropaeum (left) | “Orpheos Bakkikos” artifact (right)

The Spanish journal for ancient archaeology Revista de Arqueología has reprinted an abridged version of the article “Orfeo Báquico – La Cruz Desaparecida”, originally published in 2009 in the theological journal Isidorianum 18 (35): 179–217. Here’s the abstract taken from the English version “Orpheos Bakkikos — The Missing Cross”:

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  1. Outstanding essay, and incredibly well-footnoted documentation, and good writing besides, on the path of truly finding THE GODS!

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