8. Photos of Holy Lands re: HEROD   Leave a comment


Image eastern Mediterranean coast from the air, Egypt, Palestine, Israel – Dead Sea in the middle stretching on Jordan River to Galilee and Mt. Hermon at Caesarea Philippi – , Lebanon, Turkey

Image Palestinian warriors constantly at war for thousands of years over failure to understand Erodos Basileus

Image Arab Spring revolutions beginning, as always, in North Africa and spreading to the Near East

Image same journey from Egypt to Arabia as Caesar Ptolemy XV took in 30 bce, to rebuild Solomon’s Temple and Petra

Image statue of Caesar Ptolemy XV found in Alexandria harbor

Image mountains south of Tripoli, Libya which Herodotus in 500 bce described as the holiest of all ancient origin-sites, ‘The Hill of Graces’, the birthplace of Dionysos, the Greek equivalent of Osiris-Hades-Jesus, and Demeter, and Athene; where fighting is also raging today to overthrow the Islamic dictatorship of invaders from Arabia

Image everyone of these pseudo-Islamic tyrants is dead or thrown out of power, in the revival of Herod’s true Principate following Osiris/Isis

Image dead tyrant Col. Muammar al-Qathafi, 2011 c.e., in Libya, as North Africa is breaking up and back into its correct Roman tribal areas that Caesar respected and helped administer

Image beautiful Tripoli where I lived from 1962-1965 – the Sacred City on The Hill of Graces, where Jason and the Argonauts came to honor the birthplace of the Palladium of Athene-Neith, Odysseus landed to honor the Lotus Eaters, Aeneas to honor Dido of Carthage – all in the world’s greatest origins of Literature: The Book of the Dead, Argonautika, Odyssey, Aeneid, Libyad

Image Libyan Women fighting to become free of the male tyranny of the Jewish “God Jahweh Allah”

Image The Libyans know how to get rid of tyrants, just as the Caesars did

Image aerial view of Wheelus Air Base in 1965 when I lived there as a U.S. Air Force kid in high school – a NATO colonial military post meant to subjugate the local Libyans into abject poverty and steal their rich petroleum; the same as today, forcing false Christian-Capitalist ideas down their throats in the name of a euphemism for brutal merchant piracy called ‘democracy’

Image The Roman Catholic Church has gone bad, ever since it adopted the heresy beginning about 300 c.e. that Jesus Christ was not the father-son gods Julius Caesar-Ptolemy XV Herod

Image Almost its worst heresy, among genocidal abominations for thousands of years in the Inquisitions worldwide, Crusades, priest raping altar boys and covered up by bishops, cardinals, and popes, is the denial of the Goddess Mother Isis-Cleopatra




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