9. other Erodos Christos aliases – Aretas IV, and King Juba II   Leave a comment

Image The Master Builder {architectron-carpenter} also reigned at Petra 9 bce – 40 ce, designing its magnificent temples, tombs, treasuries, theatres, and entire cities

Image Masada, nearby to Petra, designed and built at the exact same time and same artistic style as “Herod”, during the same mythic lifetime of “Jesus Christ”

Image Petra

Image Petra Monastery, designed by Aretas IV and ruled

Image Masada

Image one of many Roman Aqueducts designed and built by Herod Aretas IV, this one near Jericho, another City he restored to classical artistry

Image King Juba II and his sister-wife Cleopatra Selene, daughter of Cleopatra VII of Egyptian fame – – rulers of Africa under the secret Southern Roman Empire under Augustus and Tiberius – Selene’s brothers by Mark Antony were Alexander Helios and Ptolemy Philadephus Philip

Image King Juba II of Africa (Mauretania, Libya, Numidia), ruling at the exact same time as Aretas IV in Petra, Herod in Jerusalem – they are all the same personCaesar Ptolemy XV

Image Tomb of Juba II and his sister-queen Cleopatra Selene, in Algeria

Image Juba II and Selene

ImageImage Their Mother Cleopatra VII

Image Caesarea, Palestine ruins of the inspired Prophet




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