10. Deus Absconditus   Leave a comment

This is the final Incognito of the Unknowable, Unrecognized, Concealed . . .


1. ‘Jesus Was Caesar, on the Julian Origins of Christianity’ – book review

2. Esoteric Historians – The Resurrection Poets Osiris, Homer, and St. Mark

3. ‘King Jesus’, by Robert Graves – book review

4. Ancient Egypt online/Cleopatra-Caesar

5. book review – ‘Cleopatra’, by Michael Grant

6. HEROD – book reviews of 2 Archaeological links with Rome, & Jesus

7. [cont.] ERODOS CHRISTOS – ‘The Roman Near East, 31 BC’

8. Photos of Holy Lands re: HEROD

9. other Erodos Christos aliases – Aretas IV, and King Juba II


Deus Absconditus, decalogue:

1. ‘Hymn to My Mother’

2. ‘Humnos Oide of Thoth: Slayer of Argus’

3. ‘Osiris: Someday, My Son’

4. ‘The Libyad’, stage adaptation ‘The Prince of Libya’

5. ‘Herodeia Decalogue, Thunder Nation’

6. ‘The Creation Myth’

7. ‘Abduction at Roswell’

8. ‘Abduction at Flagstaff’

9. ‘Arizona Savagery’

10. ‘Deus Absconditus’






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