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Hi Judy, Started the first 2 great chapters of the book, and I’m really moved at how good, and wise, it is.
it’s exactly what I needed to read, now. Reminding me so well at how important Wakinyan was for me, and I’d sort of forgotten it (dumb of me). Thank you so much.


Twenty-five years ago I made a solo horseback ride across the state of South   Dakota. At the time I was struck by the fact that missile silos with enough fire power to destroy the earth were buried in the sacred land of the Lakota people.That ride changed my life in many ways. I moved to South Dakota and lived there for ten years. During that time, I earned a degree at Black Hills State University and wrote two novels – one of which, Mountain Rising was published by David Seals, author of The Powwow Highway.It wasn’t until four years ago that I attempted to write a novel based on my ride across South Dakota. And it wasn’t until I spent a December night on Bear Butte wrapped in a buffalo robe that the story started to come together. That night I met my main character Spotted Weasel…

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