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Herod is the secret of the Masons and the Knights Templar.masons herod 2

Herod is the “architectron” (architect, carpenter) who is the Messiah who rebuilt Solomon’s Temple (pictured), thereby fulfilling the prophecies to re-unite Judah and Israel.masons herod Cave of the Patriarchs, in Hebron (pictured), is his only remaining structure still standing, among many famous monuments from Masada to Caesarea Maritima and Caesarea Phillipi, Jericho, etc.

He is therefore the real-life model of the fictional Jesus Christ renamed by Saul of Tarsus in the first epistle of the New Testament, letter to Romans. That is the very first time, according to even conservative Biblical scholars, that the name of Jesus Christ ever appears. Saul was trying to understand the events and deeds of Herod’s extraordinary life, and fashioned it in his christological philosophy of a new religion.

In the early A.D. centuries, the Masons knew this secret, but it was lost and obscured over time – as well as deliberately erased by those who thought Herod and his sons were evil.

Hints of the connection to Herod and Masons are at Rosslyn Chapel and Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland as well: which declares that Rosslyn was originally in 1128 A.D. (C.E. common Era) designed according to Herod’s Temple in Jerusalem. The Knight’s Templar were slaughtered for espousing the sanctity of Herod, who’s long been declared anathema by the Catholic Church. Also, orthodox Bible believers say King Herod Agrippa I founded the Masons in 43 A.D.

There are several other very detailed histories of this on dionoia.


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